Entertaining, Educational and Interactive!
Digital and live music interactive/educational concert
for grades 7 – 12 featuring the music of Lucid Blue.
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Sensuous Urban soundscapes,
electronica DJ grooves with live musicians,
Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop.

Funk Party
School spirit concert/workshop/dance
for grades 7 – 12

17 High Schools and Junior High Schools in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have experienced a Funk Party. From Bathurst to Dartmouth, St. John to Middleton, every Funk Party has been an unqualified success. Students at these schools have experienced the power and positive energy of a high energy and interactive live music performance. Parents and staff at each school have marvelled at the way their kids have responded to an event that was common in our youth, but has not existed for close to 25 years . . . a live band at a school dance.

A Funk Party is so much more . . .
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S'Cool Sounds
A high energy interactive music show that has been performed to rave reviews at over 200 schools and community events in the last 10 years. Forty-five minutes of sure music enjoyment for grades Primary – 9
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Stay tuned, there are more educational events to come.

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